Business Law Services

Contract Drafting & Reviews, Business Agreements, Documents and Planning

Business Law is analogous to estate planning in that it assists business owners to plan the life of their business – everything from choosing the most appropriate form of entity, to drafting articles of organization or incorporation, partnership agreements, buy/sell agreements, employment agreements, shareholder agreements, and every other agreement or contract affecting the business. Just as you would not make important health care decisions without consulting a physician, you should not make vital business decisions without seeking legal counsel. We have 40 years of business experience and can put our expertise to your service. Please call our office for a consultation at (480) 401-2660.

During the normal life-cycle of a business, contacts will often be required. Business owners often forgo contacting a law firm choosing either to close a deal with a handshake or to draw up a document themselves. Much litigation ensues from this attempt at self-help. We provide contracts for virtually any business situation often at a cost far lower than the consequence of doing without one.

Whenever business owners are presented with a contract it is almost certainly drafted for the benefit of the party providing the contract. We have expertise and experience in reviewing contracts to ensure that they are fair and equally beneficial to our clients and their contract counterparties.

Business owners have much invested in their enterprise and when it's time to sell they want to ensure not only that they obtain the best price, but that the terms of sale and any retained liabilities are to their advantage. This is an area in which no business owner should proceed without legal counsel and we are experienced and well-equipped to assist in this regard.

Employment agreements, bylaws, policy manuals and similar documents all are normal and important internal documents without which a business owner may face problems down the line. It is better to have these in place before their absence creates problems for the business owner.

Business owners may often elect to purchase or combine with competing businesses for reasons of enjoying internal efficiency, capturing additional market share, economies of scale and so forth. Sometimes M&A transactions are subject to government rules or regulations. This is all the more reason to retain experienced legal counsel.

Ensuring that the business you have built has a clear and well-conceived path to the future requires the assistance of a team of advisors: attorney, CPA and financial advisor.  We have alliances (and internal experience) to ensure that your plan for the future of your business is properly crafted and conceived.